Oliver Hazard Perry will be Rhode Island’s own sail training Tall Ship, providing our state with a showcase 207-foot long, three-masted sailing vessel to join the select fleet of Class-A size Tall Ships hosted by the maritime nations of the world. With this extraordinary ship we can proudly proclaim and advance the Ocean State’s rich maritime heritage: past, present and future.

The hull for this new ship was initially begun in Canada. It can now be seen on the waterfront in Newport, Rhode Island. Much of the first phase construction has been completed. The steel hull has been built; fuel and water tanks are installed, as well as shafts and propellers for its twin-engine propulsion system. Steel platforms await her twin generators. Initial work on a bow thruster has begun, as has a mechanically sophisticated rudder system. She will have a passenger capacity up to 100 for day sails and 49 overnight.

After a short Rhode Island shipyard construction period, the final fitting out will take place on the Newport waterfront at a location accessible for public viewing. This will encourage and foster an interest in the ship as well as showcasing opportunities for sailing aboard her.

The ship is named for Newport’s War of 1812 naval hero Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. Completion is planned for 2011, in time for her to participate in the War of 1812 Bicentennial Celebration. Once completed, Oliver Hazard Perry will be owned and operated in trust for the people of Rhode Island by Tall Ships Rhode Island. She will be based in Newport, serve America and sail the world as an ambassador of our proud state.

The success of the Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry relies on the generosity of donors and supporters, both large and small, from individuals and businesses to students and corporations, so please consider making a generous gift or donation today.

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